Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is the process of making a website more relevant to search engines. The desired result of SEO is to get your page to appear higher up the organic search rankings. The higher a website or a page ranks in the search engines, the greater the chances of that website being visited by users.

If you look at a standard Google Search Engine Results Page, down the left-hand side of the page you will see what are known as the natural or organic listings. These are the search results that the search engine, thinks are the most relevant to the search term that you typed, in descending order of importance.

These listings are free and if your website is deemed relevant and of high enough quality your business website too could appear naturally in the search results when a potential customer enters their search criteria into the search bar.


Why is it Important to Rank Higher in the Search Engines?

It makes sense to appear as close to the top of the organic search results as possible as statistics show that;

34% of all Google users click on the top organic listing in Google while 66.7% of all users click on one of the top three links.

93% of all online activity starts with search.

Imagine your website appearing at the top of the search engines for a major keyword relevant to your industry – that is the Holy Grail of SEO and why seo is so important. Through understanding and incorporating search engine optimisation strategies into your online activity, over time your business could benefit from a larger number of visitors to your website, more leads and increased profitability for your business.




  1. The results are low cost

Providing you understand the complexities of SEO and have the time and resources to publish and promote valuable content, then the prime listings are within reach.The problem is that most of the prime spots or keywords that have commercial importance have already been taken by organisations and they protect their property by dedicating resource and employing seo companies to make sure they remain there.


  1. Increase in traffic

As suggested above being higher up the search listings will naturally result in more traffic.  The simple fact is that as humans we are naturally lazy and this means that we click on the results that are presented to us rather than scrolling through page after page looking for something more relevant.


3. Improve brand credibility

Psychologically, the higher up the search engines your business is listed the better it looks for your brand or image. The reason being is that everyone knows and trusts Google to provide them with relevant and respectable results. Therefore by simply occupying results on the first page you are gaining respect in the eyes of your customers.


  1. Demand driven

People use search engines when they have a need, if your web presence follows correct  search engine optimisation practices  then when a user lands on your site what they will find will be exactly what they are looking for and this can result in leads, sales and increased profitability for your business.


  1. Focusing on SEO for business means practicing better web development.

Focusing on SEO results in a naturally better, more accessible website. This is due to the fact that to reach the dizzy heights of the first page of Google your website has to be structured in a way that the search spider can crawl effectively, meaning your site cannot have poor navigation, broken links or low quality content.


  1. Promotion that does not sleep.

Having a well optimised web presence means that regardless of your office being open for business or not you still have a willing and able “sales person” available to answer questions, direct queries and win new business.


  1. Forces your business to produce content

You might not initially see this as a benefit of SEO but let me explain. The simple fact is that each and every business has skills and expertise that help their customers solve problems.

When you enter into an SEO campaign one of the things that you need to do is constantly provide the search engine with fresh, relevant and quality content. This means that you can leverage the knowledge that your business has and publish it for all to see.

I am not talking about giving away valuable secrets, what I am saying is that the more people can see for themselves about what you do and how you can help them, then  the greater the chance of them choosing you when they are in need of your services.


  1. SEO can help you achieve your business goals

If you want more customers, more leads and more sales then the internet is a huge marketplace where customers are becoming less and less cautious when it comes to purchasing items. Therefore, if your business goals are to raise sales and increase profits, the internet is a fantastic platform from which to reach a greater audience and help you achieve those goals.


9. SEO Attracts PR

Let’s say that your business specialises in traffic management solutions and there is an incident which is causing a stir in the media. The journalist writing the story needs a traffic management specialist and to find one they use the search engines.


If your business is optimised for traffic management and you make it easy for the journalist to contact you then you could find yourself getting interviewed and as a result getting a horde of free publicity.


  1. You can expand an existing business

If your business is predominantly online then adopting a professional seo service  can allow you to tap into a different market or engage with your existing market place further.

You have (almost) unlimited customer reach. The population of the internet is about 2.1bn and growing rapidly each and every day. By harnessing effective SEO strategies you can target a niche marketplace on the other side of the world, or strengthen your position against a bigger competitor.


  1. You can go local

Reaching consumers based on their proximity to your business and their need for your experience is a present reality, and many are already reaping great benefits. For business owners big and small, local search engine optimisation has levelled the playing field when it comes to raising awareness, and attracting and retaining customers as well as rewarding them for their loyalty.Just because your town only has 40,000 people it does not mean there is not a demand for your product or service.


  1. Your competitors are doing it

Whatever business niche you pertain to you, know that if you type in lawyer, doctor, plumber or landscape gardener in the search engine results page you will likely see someone you know. The internet is part and parcel of doing business and if you want to be on the internet and in with a shout of connecting with people when they need your service then you need to think about SEO.


13. You don’t have to be the biggest fish in the pond

We all know that money talks and quite often it is the businesses that are willing to invest the most will get the prime listing. However Google in their wisdom have made changes to their algorithms to allow each and every business to compete on the same level. Therefore if you can produce the best, most relevant content that people engage with, then you too could find yourself benefiting from the top spots.


  1. You cultivate networking relationships

Social Media is becoming more and more of an important factor when it comes to SEO. The more places where your pages are indexed online in relation to your field then the greater the chance you have of connecting with other people in your niche that in turn could result in joint ventures, business partnerships and, of course, increased profits.


  1. Better ROI

Due to the high rate of keyword inflation, paid search in terms of PPC can be cost prohibitive for many small businesses and therefore an ongoing SEO for business campaign returns a far greater return on investment over the long haul.


Search engine optimisation is not a fad or something that can simply be ignored; users are being conditioned in how to use the internet to purchase everything from face lifts to houses. If you are in business then your goal is to make a profit, to make a profit you need sales, to make sales you need leads, to get leads you need to prospect and advertise. SEO for business is part of the online package you need to consider. When used correctly and creatively it can become one of the most beneficial tools in your online marketing tactics.

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